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Monday, 8 August 2011

Travel Sized Fun

So its summer or if your in england we had 1 week of summer about 3 month ago haha.but it is suposed to be summer or coming to the end of it but if your off away for a week in nice hot sun just like me. this could be realy helpfull or even if your going on a long weekend and cant pack alot. its just helpfull to see some travel sized products that are a must have for any girl. ive done a video below showing some travel sizes products that i have. And i think you guys would love to see them to help you pack for your future holidays.

Urban Decay uk
Benefit uk
Soap and Glory uk

Below are some products that i do not have but some i think i am going to buy but i found them and think they would be perfect for travel. as some were made for travel and on the go.

MAC cosmetics
Travel Sized face products from MAC all range from £7.00 to £8.00

The next lot from MAC is the newest and not all are on sale yet and its the packed to go all redy made in a box to grab and jet off to keep up a gawjus look.there are all diffrent sets from eyes lips to face its up to you ive piked the one i would have from the face range priced at £36.50 called the look in a box rocker chick. the lips and eye sets are alot cheeper and priced from £27.50 to £32.50 the face boxes are more because they have a full set of makeup in them. there is also 2 diffrent sets of travel sized makeup brushes from this collection priced at £39.50.

The las i found and and is from one of my faveret shops ever and its ive tryed just about everything and recoment just about everything and the product i think would be good for travel is the shampoo bar it come diffrent to what hair type you have and is priced at £5.00 you can get a tin to keep this in and is reusable also from lush and is priced at £2.50

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Okii so yesterday i went on 1 big shop for all diffrent things for my time at university and yes you gessed it all in PINK i still have some bits to buy and will post the pictures of them when i get them but for now ill show you the pictures of what i have now manily for my dorm room but some are just for my living like plates and glasses i hope you like theese and id love to know what your fave pink thing is? x x x

The places i baught from:
Poundland/99p shop
Bath things
Towels from Primark and Skegness market basket, laundry bag and frbrees from Wilkinson’s and pegs and peg hanger from pound land.

Kitching things
 Everything exsept tea towells from wilkinsons tea towells from primark.
Random room things
 Rug and bird from wilkinsons scarf hanger and thro from primark.
overlook of everything so far

Monday, 1 August 2011

Bling Nails

Bling Nails a hot new trend that i can show you how to do without paying anything at all. All you need is Gems Gems and more Gems they can be cheep or they can be exspensiv its up to you. The best gems to do a full nail are small pre stiky gems that can be baught at most cheep shops and craft shops. You also need to use a clear polish to make them extra stiky but the pre stiky help to get the sizes right and the amount. for the basic bling nail and a moon bling watch this video.

More of my bling nails ideas below.

Glitter,Silver and AVON matt nail polish

normaly i hate matt nails polishes but this looks good all slate gray mat nails with one beeing blinged by silver nail polish and a sliver glitter polish on top verry bling if your not into gems.