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Sunday, 29 September 2013

The finished bathroom

Here are some images of the bathroom I have been decorating over summer I thought you would all like to see the before and after :) x x x

I've gone from pine wood and yellow to grays black and silver with a glam edgy look with bling and skulls all the pine wood was just re painted and had new handles put on the cabinet and the tiles were just re painted to be pure white and using black scene lent and a black grouting pen.

From the pictures below you can see in more detail what I've done including adding glass black shelves a dimantay candle holder on the wall and a new dimantay light pull and toilet roll holder and towel rail. I've also added my own stick on gems in different sizes on a plain gloss black toilet seat and on the black leather storage tub as I saw theese the same with them already on at a much higher price so I just did them myself a lot cheaper. 

Candle holder on the wall with gems in the bottom of the holder mixed with smelly pearly so that there's a nice scent even with out the candles been lit.

A plain black gloss toilet seat with gems that I did myself instead of paying much more for one already done :) 

A re painted bath saround just sanded down and painted in silk black with the inner coving in silver gives it that little bit of something extra. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I definitely feel like this has happened

I definitely feel like this has happens just like it feels ever year but it just goes quicker and quicker each year :/ but if you think about it properly you probably have done things, small thing but still things like tried something new, been somewhere, finished something you have actually probably done lots! X x x