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Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer fun blogs x

Im guna start my summer fun blogs just the same as im videoing everything i do thats worth filming over summer for my youtube my (Summer Vlogs) just because im doing quite a bit this summer and im thinking of ideas to do all the time.
So to make a good start iv'e just seen this super cute idea for date night ideas and i just thaught this would be such a good idea to make it for the summer with your friends like a summer days jar :) using the exsact same consept colour codeing each lollypop stick for price range such a good idea.
  1. First, color code your popsicle sticks according to the amount of money that an activity costs. That way, when you’re looking at the jar, it’s easy to choose from only the amount that you know you will actually be able to aford.
  2. With a marker, write a bunch of ideas out on your sticks – 1 idea per stick. If you don’t have many at first, just keep the sticks and marker somewhere easy to get to so that you when you think of something you can write it down right away. Choose ideas that you actually want to do so that when you draw one, you stick to it.
  3. Fill your jar with all of your summer day options and decorate it however you want! You can keep the sticks after you use them or toss them, but I would definitely add to the supply whenever you think of something so that the options are always fresh and exciting.
A few ideas to get you started.
  • Go to the beach
  • Go to a museum (theres all diffrent ones)
  • Go to a waterparck
  • Go camping
  • Have a party (or go to a party)
  • The cinima
  • Get some posh nosh (a fancy restaurant like T.G.I.Fridays)
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