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Friday, 29 July 2011

Getting more Viewers x

Okii so i minght just keep adding to this but its gunna be how im working to get more viewers on my youtube channel and then i will get more viewers/followers on here and on my twitter.
i hope this helps other people and me lol and if you have any ideas comment below.
1. okii so, so far i have posted comment asking people to check out my channel and videos. i started with the more well known makeup gurus on youtube and working my way to alot more.
2. I have put as much to do with my channel (what i do on it) as links to all my videos things like ( makeup,looks,rivews,howto,style,tutorial,lillexy2k7,cosmetics,baeuty,youtube,eyes,nails,nail polish) and lots more but they are just a few that could help you. its so basicly people typ in anything to do with beauty and i should come up as i have every link.
3.Shoutout's, not only do they help the person you are shouting out to, but they could help you. the person you have shout out ed could have diffrent people following them and look at you as your shoutout video to them will be in there faves or tagged, so make friends and do shoutouts and try and get shout outs back that would help even more.
4. Hold a COMPERTITION. there are lots of people that will just serch for comertitions to try and win so make sure to say that they have to be a subscriber. you will get people subbing and watching more of your videos and even people they tell. i am dooig 1 verry soon for my 100th subscriber comp i now have 103 tho lol but i posted a video telling people and asking for ideas thats a way you can get comments and likes. :) so chek out that and tell me what youd love to win you could also ask for people to video respond.
okii so thats it so far what ive done or am dooing like i said id like some of your comments for ideas and feel free to try them to see if they work for you and if you havent subscribed to my youtube do it and floow me on twitter and on hear for the 1st to know on youtube and extras like this. x x x

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