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Monday, 1 August 2011

Bling Nails

Bling Nails a hot new trend that i can show you how to do without paying anything at all. All you need is Gems Gems and more Gems they can be cheep or they can be exspensiv its up to you. The best gems to do a full nail are small pre stiky gems that can be baught at most cheep shops and craft shops. You also need to use a clear polish to make them extra stiky but the pre stiky help to get the sizes right and the amount. for the basic bling nail and a moon bling watch this video.

More of my bling nails ideas below.

Glitter,Silver and AVON matt nail polish

normaly i hate matt nails polishes but this looks good all slate gray mat nails with one beeing blinged by silver nail polish and a sliver glitter polish on top verry bling if your not into gems.

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