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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Okii so yesterday i went on 1 big shop for all diffrent things for my time at university and yes you gessed it all in PINK i still have some bits to buy and will post the pictures of them when i get them but for now ill show you the pictures of what i have now manily for my dorm room but some are just for my living like plates and glasses i hope you like theese and id love to know what your fave pink thing is? x x x

The places i baught from:
Poundland/99p shop
Bath things
Towels from Primark and Skegness market basket, laundry bag and frbrees from Wilkinson’s and pegs and peg hanger from pound land.

Kitching things
 Everything exsept tea towells from wilkinsons tea towells from primark.
Random room things
 Rug and bird from wilkinsons scarf hanger and thro from primark.
overlook of everything so far

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