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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Prezii ideas x

okii so ive just finished filming my girls and my boys gift guids but they wont be on youtube for some time yet so i thaught ide post some cool things ive found online that would be grate gift ideas :D so that you guys that have my blog will be way ahed :)

the first is this website its full off wierd and wonderfull clothing that would be brill for a gawjus gift this christmas be unique and stand out with the amazing swimsuites and legings this year heres one i like from the site.
3D Rib swimsuit
This next website has to be the cooles invetion ive seen :D what pay for loads of heels when you can have your fave pair and lots of heel condoms yes thats right heel condoms lol just add them to your heels to acessorise to the max no need for loads of heels just have loads of these (they take up less space and cost less)
love x
animal print rope ties

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