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Friday, 18 November 2011

Snow Fairy x

Okii so as some of you may know i love LUSH !!! So when it comes to Christmas time i get all excited because they bring out new and exciting things as well as Christmas classics like my favourite snow fairy ♥  now normally I live quite a bit away from the nearest lush but I’ve moved and its now a local thing so I’ve had the chance to buy everybody lush presents this Christmas. I’ve also treated myself to the snow fairy lip tint and I’m going to get the big bottle of the snow fairy shower gel as it does smell just lush J I wish the smell was a permanent line but unfortunately its not booo L
Just check out the lush website for more amazing Christmas gift ideas there’s loads and I do think that everyone should try the snow fairy collection I just wish they would bring a perfume out :D that would make my Christmas.
Look whats on my Christmas list just for me ♥
Billy bonkers bathtime favourits

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