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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Beauty box

Okii so i really don't know where I've been but the biggest trend is the beauty box things were you get 4 to 5 large sample products to do with makeup, skin care, hair care and perfume in some of the cheaper ones you get small samples but more of them. the are here so that people can try new things and find out about new makes and products that you wouldn't necessarily know about.
Latest in Beauty
 so I've just orded the £1.00 beauty box were you pick 3 samples from a list and you pay by a text, from you can also get the £6.95 one here and you get 6 items plus you get to pick 2 samples of your own from the list given this is the cheapest and i think the best for your money because there not all sample sizes some are travel size. You also get to see what your getting every month and it is not a subscription.
The Glossy box
the glossy box is probably the most well known and you pay £10.00 a month subscription for large/luxury samples or full sized products and you get 4 to 5 again but you don't know what you will be getting its kinda like a lucky bag but you can stop with them at any time. the products in this are more high end and more well known.
My Glam
okii so this one looks fun not only go you get 4 to 5 large samples or full sized you get a makeup bag every month this is the second one i looked at and was really interested but the down side to this is it is only for the U.S and not international i hope the do decide at sometime to go international because i would sign up to this one for sure.
Boundoir Prive
okii so this is basically the same as glossy box its like its rival but it has nearly all products that you have never herd of from different countries.

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