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Monday, 9 January 2012

Shopping in london x

Harrods all lit up x

In harrods x

Okii so this weekend 7th to the 8th i went to london shopping :D i have been befor but only on trips with school and college so we couldent do any shopping then but this time i did. The one shop i wanted to go in the most was Harrods if you dont no this shop in london then let me tell you its one of the most famus shops in england and the most exspensive with some tights i saw priced at £150.00 on sale they have all the exspensive things you can think of even having there own car and pet shop :o but it was fun to go in see what i couldent afford and buy the cheapest keyring i could find lol.

I also went to selfridges that is another exspensive shop but i only went to the beauty department and wanted nars but was in a rush and i dident know the prices or what i wanted so i went to the m.a.c counter and got my self a mac 15pallet and 1 eyeshadow to go in it so far but i will be getting some more and i got the one that every one raves about 'All that Glitters' :D x x x

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